Yogalates (EN)

A class combining both Yoga and Pilates

Power Yoga (EN)

An energetic vinyasa-style yoga designed for engaging our core and finding our strength.


Restorative Yoga / Yin Yoga (EN)

this class is for a relaxing start of the day and is held for longer periods of time than in other styles of yoga. This practice would stretch and target both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.

Pilates (EN)

 Pilates has 8 fundamentals with regular drills that require repetitions.

Pilates was conceived to limber and stretch muscles and ligaments so that your body will be as supple as a cat.  

Yoga For Shabat (HE)

The concept of yoga for Shabbat came to me from living in Israel.

Just before Friday dinner with all the family, there is a really relaxed and chilled atmosphere of togetherness. In this class, we would take the Friday vibe with meditation music and flowing movements.