The start of the Journey: from A practitioner to A teacher

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

I decided to open a blog letting everyone know how are my thoughts look like. it’s hard in a world that nothing is private anymore to keep balance between the things you want to share and the things you feel would be more comfortable to keep to yourself. As my first story reveal itself on this page, I’m thinking about the propose I wanted to open my own blog at all. First and foremost however Klischee it might hear like — to help people. I defiantly didn’t find the right way to do stuff around here in this chaotic world, but I feel like I’ve learnt some things other people can relate to and after all what really changes us are dynamics. I hope to touch people with what I write, I hope to interact with others and feel their experiences influence me.

My journey begins at Israel in 1990. I was born in the summer -June. I consider myself a summer girl (and yeah, I still consider myself as a girl sometimes, but we would get to it after a while).

My mother tongue is Hebrew and I’ve never considered it to be special or related to it in some cosmic way — something that changed completely the last two years.

I was in the army as an officer and a medic for three years and seven months.

When I got released I studied for four years to be a speech and communication therapist. This was a decision I am so happy that I did but was for me only the beginning.

After I got my diploma, I moved to Berlin, based on a lot of reasons and it was a long immigration process.

Iv'e decided after one and half year that I should develop myself and since Iv'e been practicing yoga for seven years, to be a teacher. Iv'e learnt in Yoga Hub, studio in Friedrichshain, Berlin.I know it’s important to document the journey between being the student to being a teacher. Although we never stop learning, it is a different angle to look at the same source.

As I continue to write about my life I hope to remember to write the experiences that changed my perception and made me look at things in another way.

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