The first teacher I want to start with is my personal inspiration ליזה גאבר. I met her in a coincidence at Holmes Place . She was an Aerobic trainer in her past, my mom told me to go to her class to try a new workout she heard about. After that class, I followed Liza everywhere she went: moving with her apartments, from Ashdod to the village Beit Ezra and joined almost every workshop including the ones with her teacher- who brought Ashtanga to Israel- Shimon Ben Avi. Liza is my role model for a true yogi and a true holistic teacher. She is humble, peaceful and full of light and vitalness. Liza teaches Ashtanga yoga style, and so this was the first style

I was exposed to. The classes and methods she teaches were also changing throughout the years as I was on and off going to her classes for almost seven years. Naturally, I wanted to dedicate the first post of my blog to the greatest teacher I had, and to this wholehearted soul that I am very happy to meet every time I visit Israel, who had a huge influence on my life and on my teaching now, and on the fact I chose to bring yoga in all of this. Until our days, I can say that the classes Liza taught were the ones that I felt the most focused, serene and calm than ever, I also found myself doing postures and asanas that I didn't believe I could have reached alone. Her teaching method and presence are without a lot of words, stir confidence into the practice and the practitioner. She lacks any judgment to your way and looks directly into your eyes like a true Shiva. Her practice is very traditional, and she counts the breath in Sanskrit exactly like K. Patthabi Jois. She is usually practicing the first series of Ashtanga, sometimes adding asanas from the second one. Her way to guide you to the posture is precise and so gradual to the point that you sometimes get to a point you don't even understand yourself how (The F***) did you get there. Of course, once you reach that point, she would also get you back safely, and you get to that point only because you can truly trust her, and your body with her. There are so many good words to be said over Liza, and the many other things she added to the practice of yoga, acknowledging that yoga is a lifestyle: she designs Orognites and she published a recipe book full of vegan foods. Every practice, Liza adds a small 10 minutes of meditation and Philosophy. I would finish up with a good quote by B.K.S Iyenger: "Yoga is a light which once lit, will never dim, the better your practice, the brighter your flame." ליזה גאבר Thank you so much for bringing the light in, with lots of love and peace Namaste, Tal (AshTalga) Fleischmann