Happy international woman's day to all of us! This post would be dedicated to a wonderful talented woman; A yoga teacher that inspires me every time I meet her. M A R Í A F E R R A R A I accidentally came across one of her Hatha-vinyasa yoga classes @yoga Hub- the Yoga studio where I studied my YTT. She has two classes one after another on Saturday at 10.15 and 12. Her classes are build blocks by blocks, for example: headstand, backbends etc. Each block is built of 4-5 classes usually, but you can still go on a single class and be a part, fully understanding the asanas and instructions. This is actually the best way to understand a posture and as a teacher, I especially recommend yoga teachers to attend her classes regularly. I have to say I saved this post for this special day, cause when I look at Maria I see a smart woman that actually is a permanent student. Regardless of her kindness, open minded and pleasant approach to people, she is building the class upon clues that are so intelligent based on her experience with yoga and dancing for years. Maria is also a performing artist; I added her flyer to the show she is performing with soon. (I would go on 13.3 be welcome to join) Maria's class usually start with a nice breathing technique, she is always introducing basic anatomical structures, which is very impressive since I don't hear that a lot in yoga classes: naming your body parts in a specific way then just 'leg', but more like: Femur, hamstrings and more is important, as we know a language is a way to convey a message but much more than that. If you know your body parts to their much smaller elements, you would also know how to use them individually, maybe breaking the movement to pieces. This would eventually give you a bigger understanding of your body, being embodied and connected to it. The way Maria connects me to my body, is a bit secretive: before my mind is realizing what I'm doing- she made me move in another way, to a new posture (that is not even part of the big repertoire of asanas). She is one of those teachers that makes you feel welcome and very comfortable in her classes; she is using a small sign to know if you want her manual cues and acknowledge the different desires and will of people. Maria has also a HIT class on Monday 12:30. Go visit one of her class and let me know if you here if you totally agree with me. Feel free to share this post with your friends. Thanks Maria for being such a great inspiration!