For my third blog, I want to start my Berlin sessions, I am doing this because my vision is about communities and about accessibility: making small communities of yoga and bringing yoga to everyone's life regardless of lifestyle. The changes don't' need to come before yoga. let yoga into your life and observe changing happening alone. The first teacher I would want to introduce to you is Yesid Cortes, a certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher in Berlin. Iyengar is not a method well known to all: but if Ashtanga would be more focused on movement and breathing, Iyengar would be more about alignment. I am not here to explain the terms, cause this is why we have Wikipedia, but more sharing with you a great teacher, and as I believe, you first find a teacher and than the method. Yesid is Colombian and not very long ago moved to Berlin. I've been to one of his classes and also one workshop. The first workshop was with his partner, and I felt so comfortable. Yesid is always full of laughter and jokes, he is light in his classes. As a teacher, I was inspired to use the wall in my classes. He is demonstrating a lot with the wall and with blocks, and the purpose is establishing muscle memory that would lead you to the Asana (Posture) correctly. Once your body had an experience of guidance of the wall or a block, it would remember -memorize how to go to the pose later on without props. Iyengar Yoga is a method invented by B.K.S Iyengar, for himself, he was sick from childhood and struggled with a lot of diseases and malnutrition. This method is especially matching people with back and joint pains because it puts emphasis on adjusting the posture. I would love to consider myself a part of the yoga community of Yesid as I'm inspired by his work and dedication and generally had fun in his classes. you can visit his website to see the full schedule. I wish Yesid luck and peace in all! If you wish to join my community or know a teacher I should write about, let me know- I would love it. Namaste, Tal.